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Welcome to my Website!

This will be a place for me to learn web development as well as show off my professional progress.

it me!

Hi, thank you for visiting my website! Content is still being developed here, so stick with me while I keep updating it all.


This website is still very much under development and should be considered a work in progress! Contrary to what my blog and portfolios state as their post date, I started on this website in the end of August 2019 and deployed the website about a week later. Since then, I've been making changes to content and layout whenever I have extra free time. There's a list of things that I plan to change about this website and make it a little more personal, but at the time of this writing (September 5, 2019) this website is still "under construction!"

What Do I Do?

I'm currently enrolled at the local Wake Technical Community College studying for an Associates in Web Development. I also work part-time at Progress Software where I work on the Core A Product Marketing Team. Core A consists of products such as Sitefinity CMS and Digital Experience Cloud, OpenEdge IDE, and more. With the PMK team, I really don't have strictly documented responsibilities. Whenever someone needs help with something technical, I'm usually the one to help. Below are a few things I've done in my 3 years with Progress.

  • Update core product seller pages. This includes collecting articles from ContentGem, compiling reviews from TrustRadius, and updating events info in some cases.
  • Write blog posts and create infographics and whitepapers for Sitefinity & DEC products. Some blog posts that I've written for Sitefinity can be found here.
  • Work with colleagues around the globe on different projects, such as marketing campaigns and product content.
  • On one special occasion, I coded a custom Alexa chatbot experience that was used in a Partner trade show demonstration!

Of course I've done more in my time there, however those are just a few of the tasks I've taken on. I have a wide range of skills besides those when it comes to computers. For instance, I can:

  • Utilize full Microsoft Office Suite for tools such as content management, smart spreadsheets, and more.
  • Work with Adobe Creative Cloud on wide range of programs for tasks such as image manipulation, color grading, vector manipulation, video effects and editing, UI & UX development, audio mixing & mastering, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about what I can do, feel free to read through my portfolio page.